Textbook List

Jewelry Illustration 

Dominique Audette, Brynmorgen Press, ISBN 978-1-929565-33-7

The Complete Metalsmith: Professional Edition, 

Tim McCreight, Brynmorgen Press, ISBN 10: 0385041850

Jewelry, Concepts and Technology

Oppi Untracht, Doubleday, ISBN 10: 1929565054

Gemstones of the World

Walter Schumann, Sterling, ISBN 13: 978-1-4027-4016-9


Finegold and Seitz,  Chilton, ISBN 0-8019-7232-9

Practical Casting

Tim McCreight, Brynmorgen Press, ISBN 0-9615984-5-X

Jewelry Wax Modelling

Adolfo Mattiello, Du-Matt Corporation, ISBN 0-9644193-1-9

Jewelry Repair Manual

R. Allen Hardy, Dover Publications, ISBN 13: 978-0-4862-9161-1

Jewelry: From Antiquity to the Present

Clare Phillips, Thames and Hudson, ISBN 0-500-20287-7

History of Silver

Claude Blair, Ballantine Books, ISBN 0-345-34576-2

Silver History and Design

Philippa Glanville, ISBN 0-8109-4471-5

Recommended  Resources

Techniques of Jewelry Illustration and Color Rendering

Adolfo Mattiello, ISBN 0-9644193-0-0

The Theory and Practise of Goldsmithing

Erhard Brepohl, Brynmorgen Press, ISBN 13: 978-0961598495

Metal Techniques for Craftsmen

Oppi Untracht, Robert Hale Publishers, ISBN 13: 978-0709107231

Jewelry Making Manual

Sylvia Wicks, Brynmorgen press, ISBN 0-9615984-2-5

The Complete Book of Jewelry Making

Carlos Codina, Lark Books, ISBN 1-57990-188-3

Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making Techniques

Jinks McGrathe, Running Press, ISBN 1-56138-526-3

Professional Goldsmithing

Alan Revere, Van Nostrand Reinhold, ISBN 0-442-23898-3

Mokume Gane

Steve Midgett, Earthshine Press, ISBN 0-9651650-7-8

Basic Wax Modeling

Hiroshi Tsuyuki, Matsubara-Kashiwa Books, ISBN 4-905588-28-6

Practical Wax Modeling

Hiroshi Tsuyuki, Matsubara-Kashiwa Books, ISBN 4-87790-004-7

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